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InFocus Unveils Giant Tablet Designed for Business-Class Video Conferencing and Collaboration

Integrating for the first time a 55” Full HD touch screen with a powerful PC, high quality video conferencing, and comprehensive interactive whiteboard functionality, the innovative Mondopad is a uniquely versatile way to share ideas and collaborate with people all over the world.

InFocus Mondopad

The World’s First Giant Touch Tablet, the InFocus Mondopad has arrived in Australia. It’s a giant 55-inch Full-HD tablet complete with an integrated Windows 7 PC, a high quality video conferencing module and extensive interactive whiteboard functionality. Not only is it likely to be the world’s largest touch-tablet, it’s designed to be the first all-in-one business-class collaboration device.

Video Connect to the World
If you use a video conferencing system, Mondopad can fit right in. You can add it as a SIP endpoint on your video conference server or service. You can also install the desktop client onto Mondopad for your existing video conferencing system, just like you would a PC. Using the latest applications for collaboration is as easy as downloading an app. Industry standard collaboration tools like GoToMeeting®, WebEx™, Microsoft Lync™ and Adobe® Connect™ The best mac games are now available at reputable and respected casinos across the web and developers cannot ignore the success of the mac games that are played on portable devices around the world. run seamlessly on a Mondopad.

Transforming Conference Rooms into Collaboration Rooms
Offering a 55-inch full-HD 1080p (1920×1080) LCD display and designed for multi-touch from the ground up, Mondopad changes the way people interact with information and each other. Sharing documents and visuals in a meeting is extremely easy, whether users are local or remote.

Mondopad’s multi-touch display works with all the common documents and file formats, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, JPGs and more. Presentation, whiteboard and annotation applications—including a set of writing and drawing tools—open the dialogue, increase engagement and make it easy to brainstorm, capture and share ideas.

“Mondopad is a 55″ all-in-one touch display for collaborative settings that allows people in the room and at extended locations to present, brainstorm, whiteboard, and have face-to-face conversations over video conferencing.  Nothing like it exists today — it”s a brand new class of product for the business and education markets,” said Robert Detwiler, Product Marketing Manager at InFocus.

Connect, Share, View & Control Content from Any Device
Local or remote users can easily share, view and control presentations from their PC, tablet or smartphone. The Mondopad’s WiFi ensures meeting participants have the right level of access: from authorized users being able to connect directly to a corporate network through the display, to meeting guests being able to easily deliver documents to the display or access the Internet without connecting to an organization’s private network. Remote participants are able to see what”s on the Mondopad via a Web page served by the Mondopad.

One Device, Multiple Inclusions
  • – Multi-touch high definition 55 inch display
  • – High performance Intel® i5 PC running Windows 7 Pro
  • – Full version of Microsoft® Office
  • – Multi-touch interactive whiteboard with software tools
  • – Video Conference capability incorporating a high definition 720p camera, 4 integrated microphones and a voice-optimized sound bar for improved dialogue clarity

View the InFocus Mondopad.

InFocus introduces an industry leading 1:1 exchange program

In addition to InFocus’s unique limited warranty, we are pleased to announce that InFocus now offer an industry leading 1:1 exchange program.

In the unlikely event you should experience a product failure within the warranty period, InFocus in co-operation with Revolution Technologies, will exchange your unit with one of the same or superior model.

InFocus 1:1 Exchange Program

Terms and conditions:

  1. The exchange is permanent. The remaining product warranty will be transferred from the defective product to the replacement product.
  2. Typical processing times are 3-4 days but vary by country and region.
  3. If the defective unit is DOA (Defective On Arrival within the first 30 days from purchase date) we will ship a NEW replacement unit.
  4. The projector will be examined upon receipt by InFocus. If a unit is abused, dropped or has other damage caused by the customer, an invoice will be sent for the cost of repairing the unit without further notice.
  5. If the lamp is defective and the projector is not covered by an extended lamp warranty, normal warranty terms & conditions apply and the lamp will be charged, in addition to shipping and administration slot machines online . charges.
  6. *Limited 5 year warranty: excludes power supplies, fans, colour wheels, light tunnels and labour which are covered for 2 Year or 3 years dependant on the product.
  7. **Lamp warranty is limited to the specified maximum recommended lamp hours for the projector model. If lamp is replaced in warranty, the replacement lamp will take over unexpired warranty from original lamp.
  8. InFocus warranty terms and conditions for both the projector and the lamp can be found in the product user guide or via–> Support –> Warranty Options –> Limited Product Warranty
  9. If a unit fails after the DOA period (30 days from the date of purchase) and within the projector’s standard warranty, then the case will be treated as a standard 1:1 Exchange. This means that the customer will receive a refurbished warranty exchange unit. If there is no warranty exchange stock available for the exact projector model then the replacement for an alternate exchange, NEW, or upgraded model may be considered as a replacement. This will be subject to approval.

For more information, please contact

Velodyne's Digital Drive PLUS wins Subwoofer of the Year!


Velodyne DD-15

Released in Australia only 7 months ago, Velodyne’s Digital Drive Plus Series of subwoofers are already making headlines and winning awards!

The Annual Sound Image Awards were held last month in Melbourne to recognise excellence in the design, manufacture and installation of home entertainment equipment and systems.

It was at these prestigious awards that Velodyne’s DD-15 subwoofer was awarded ‘Product of the Year’ in the category of ‘Subwoofer over $2000’.

The Digital Drive Plus Series truly are the ultimate subwoofer. If you haven’t experienced one in action, be sure to check it out.

Keep an eye out for the next edition of Sound & Image magazine (available at the end of November) for all the winners! Or visit the AV Hub website, for more information.

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